Migration from Spress to Hugo

History and Motivation The list of static site generators is very long, but which one should you choose? When I ported this blog from Drupal to static HTML, I chose Spress, written in PHP, because PHP was my main programming language, its code looked well-thought-out, relied on established libraries and did everything I wanted out of the box and with a minimum amount of configuration. However, during the last year there was only one minor release of Spress and I missed some features I saw in other projects:

Running Spress in Docker

My last PHP update broke Spress, the static site generator I use for this blog. I decided to move my blog generation to a more stable and portable environment - a Docker container. I’ve documented what I did and what I learned with this blog post. This is my first attempt to do something with Docker, please excuse any bad practices. You can find the finished Dockerfile at Writing the Dockerfile FROMphp:alpineAs the base image I’m using the alpine variant of the official PHP Docker image to keep the storage space for the image as small as possible.

Blog reboot

I’ve migrated this blog from Drupal 6 to the static site generator Spress. As a developer I work best with version-controlled plain text files and in the sure knowledge that my “CMS” is not reachable from the internet. I’ve dropped three heavily outdated posts in the process. The URLs of the old blog never worked right (since I had mixed language content), so felt no need to keep them. The design is a stand-in until I have the time to do something better.