functional programming

Notes for Advent of Code 2019

2019 was the first year I have participated in the Advent of Code challenges, encouraged by my colleague Jan. I wanted to make it an opportunity to learn new programming languages and focus on functional programming. I started with Racket, tried out Elixir and re-wrote the challenges that involved the “intcode computer” in Scala. This post is a review of the programming languages and the event itself. Racket I've never got beyond a “Hello World” in any LISP dialect and all the hubbub around the language intrigued me.

What I learned from different JavaScript implementations of Conway's Game of Life

I participated in the Global Day of Coderetreat, practicing on the Game of Life Kata and heard that some people solved the problem of finding neighboring cells with a Cartesian Product. I did not see their solution, but tried out to apply the idea to my own solution. While trying it out, I learned something about JavaScript, functional programming and performance.